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General Practice

Veronique Hartley is a solo practitioner. She focuses her practice on Criminal Defense. Ms. Hartley has handled thousands of court trials in regards to infractions. She handles all tickets with various charges. She is currently licensed to practice law before all California Superior State courts and the United States District Court - Central District of California.



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Traffic Court Issues

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Defense of all Traffic Offenses including:


  • Speeding by radar
  •  Photo red light Camera tickets
  •  Reckless driving
  •  Drunk driving
  • Following too close
  •  Speeding
  •  Log Book
  •  Overweight
  •  Equipment violations that carry points in California
  •  Over length
  •  Log book
  • Suspended licenses
  •  Failure to appears
  • Failure to pay tickets
  • Moving and non-moving violations removed or reduced
  •  Release DMV or MVR holds on your license for California tickets even for out-of-state drivers
  • Specialize in removing points on your driving record
  • DMV or MVR Hearings to prevent suspensions on your driving record even for out-of-state drivers
  • Recall warrants and release holds on your license
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